Hi and thanks for visiting.

    My name is Fuminari Shuu (translated directly from Japanese).

    I started photography roughly about 4 years ago with Nikon E775. My curiosity grew up to a point where point and shoot couldn’t offer so I decided to make a jump into the DSLR world. Started with Nikon D70, I dabbled in portrait, landscape, macro, studio and many more forms of photography but ultimately it stuck with portraiture.

    It’s interesting to use human as a shooting model because we freeze their emotion in time. I usually enjoy this result because I believe it gives so much pleasure to see and capture that experience for remembrance.

    I hope you will enjoy my collection over the period of time and hope you will come back again.

    You can reach me at:
    Mobile: 6-012-4727489
    Email: fuminari [at] gmail [dot] com
    msn: underdawgz [at] hotmail [dot] com